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Carmen Birchfield

Tarot - Astro - Healing

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Hi! I’m Carmen

I'm a Tarot & Oracle Reader, Astrologer, and Witch. I've dedicated the last five years of my life to learning and studying tarot and astrology, and now aim to help those around me feel empowered in their understanding of themselves and their practice.


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30 Min / 1 HR / Virtual / written

Tarot & Oracle

Tarot seeks to explore answers to the deepest questions about the self. As a tool for introspection, tarot can be used to ask for advice, explore your soul's growth, or gain a deeper understanding of your personal life path. While tarot can be used for more specific, or detailed insight, Oracle cards view the bigger picture, and carry a great energy based on emotion and empathy. Both of these tools can give you a better understanding of yourself, your circumstances, life path, decisions to make, or help you articulate your most complex feelings.

30 min / 1 HR / virtual / written


Astrology is the study of the movement of the planets in the sky and the effects it has on the world around us. It can also be used to answer life's most mundane queries; Where are my keys? Will I get that promotion? But it is also a tool for deeper understanding of ourselves and our patterns. Healing from trauma, diving into shadow work, understanding patterns in your life and what you can and cannot control; Giving yourself the tools to understand and handle whatever life throws at you.

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Virtual Reading

Tarot cards.

40 Min Zoom Call or Written reading

Email me for more details about virtual readings, or if you’d like to schedule one.

Tarot cards.

“Carmen has been instrumental in helping me put my life back together and gain confidence in the life path I’ve chosen. She’s very in tune with herself and her practice and has always been so thoughtful and kind with her readings. Plus, she’s a fun person to just chat with.”

Marissa, Client

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Come see me!

Carmen Birchfield

Stargazers Soul Gallery

12121 Northup Way #203

Bellevue, WA

(425) 885-7289

I’m available on Sundays from 12PM - 5PM.

Call Stargazers Soul Gallery to arrange an in-person reading.